I've forgottten my password, what should I do?

NHS/non-profit user agreement users should fill in the NHS/non-profit Registration Form again and you will receive your password via the screen and email.

Commercial users need to contact us via the contact form and we will send your password again.

How much does the StartMSK online tool cost?

The Keele STarT MSK Tool©2017 is freely available to public bodies (e.g. practitioners within the NHS), and non-commercial research groups.


The cost for a commercial licence is £100 per site per annum, which is payable via the commercial registration form.

The licence is an annual subscription to the MSK Tool.

How do I cancel my 12 month commercial licence subscription?

If you wish to cancel your commercial licence at any point please contact us via the contact form with your registration details and we cancel your subscription.

Will I have to input my password everytime I use the tool?

Your password will be saved to your computer the first time you input your password. You will not have to input your password again unless you use another computer.

I have another problem, what should I do?

Get in touch with us via the contact form and we will get back to you.